Thursday, December 18, 2014

Radnička Fronta

Radnička Fronta ( je ime novega hrvaškega libertarnega bloga. Ko so jih aktivisti bodoče hrvaške Sirize začeli zmerjati s "trolli" so jim avtorji bloga odgovorili takole.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

SLOVENIA PROTEST 2014: Russian Army Parades in Ljubljana

While daily protests to free political prisoners are continuing for 40 days in front of the Supreme Court; Russian army parades in the center of Ljubljana as a sign of friendship with the socialist regime. Just a week after 200 of our fellow Europeans were murdered in MH17 crash.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

SLOVENIA PROTESTS 2014: Supporters of The Supreme Court Organize Counter- Protest

Yesterday supporters of the supreme court organized counter protests. The counter- protesters carried former Yugoslav flags, Soviet flags, symbols of the proletariat, and photos of former Yugoslav dictator Josip Broz Tito. They also seemed to take photos of the protesters in front of the supreme court.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sunday, July 20, 2014

SLOVENIA PROTESTS 2014: Announced Vote on Disqualification of Supreme Judge Maslesa not Taken

The Supreme court  did not vote on disqualification of supreme judge Maslesa. The vote was not possible due to lack of qualifying majority. Those who were supposed to vote simply did not come to work.

Earlier this year mr. Maslesa publicly labeled Mr. Jansa an enemy to the rule of law number one and therefore can't be expected to perform his duty impartially, competently and diligently. The protesters are accusing Mr. Maslesa of intentionally prolonging the process to keep the opposition leader Mr. Jansa in jail.

SLOVENIA PROTESTS 2014: Our Daily News on the MH17 Tragedy

If you live in socialist Slovenia, here is what you are daily exposed to in the pro- government media.


The title reads: "Shooting down the plane was unintentional," and the text begins with "If the plane was shot down then the alleged shooting down was unintentional."

The subtitle: "There is no doubt that the MH17 was shot down. Now we must find out who unintentionally knocked it down."

Saturday, July 19, 2014

SLOVENIA PROTESTS 2014: 'I Will Shoot You'

In recent days a woman tried to sabotage protests by cutting electricity and a man threatened to shoot protesters if they keep on coming. Both provocations were documented and reported to the police. The police took no visible action and provided no feedback related to both reports.

"I will shoot you, all of you!"

Thursday, July 17, 2014

SLOVENIA PROTESTS 2014: Slovenian Lyrics for We Shall Overcome

Odšli bomo domov

Odšli bomo domov,
Odšli bomo domov,...
odšli bomo domov ... nekega dne.
Prišel bo dan ... iz naših sanj,
ko bomo odšli domov.

Primi mojo dlan,
primi mojo dlan,
primi mojo dlan ... in z mano zapoj.
Čakam ta dan ... iz mojih sanj,
ko bova odšla domov.

Reci: "Ni me strah."
Reci: "Ni me strah."
Reci zbogom strah in dvigni V;
prihaja dan ... čakam ga tu,
potem bom odšel domov.

Vrnil se bo mir,
vrnil se bo mir,
vrnil se bo mir ... v Slovenijo.
Prihaja dan ... iz naših sanj
ko bomo odšli domov.

Prišla bo pravica,
prišla bo pravica,
prišla bo v Slovenijo ... za vse;
jutri morda ... dočakamo!
In odidemo domov.

SLOVENIA PROTESTS 2014: The 28th Day

Today is the 28th day of protests for release of political prisoners. The leader of largest opposition party is still in prison and people still protests in the streets of Ljubljana, every single day. Since summer is the time of collective judicial hollidays in Slovenia - perhaps protesters could rest for a few days - maintaining symbolic presence and returning in numbers when the judges are back; and the building of the supreme court is not empty.

The second largest political party in parliament proposed a deal to stop with the obstruction. According to their proposal - if the prison sentence against the opposition leader Mr. Jansa is overturned then new general elections should take place.

However possible next socialist prime minister Mr. Miro Cerar responded that the fact that it might be discovered that the leader of the opposition was wrongfully imprisoned by pro- government judges three weeks before elections and his mandate irreversibly terminated - does not make elections unfair. And that the results are legal and therefore his victory legitimate.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

SLOVENIA PROTESTS 2014: Political Prisoner Mr. Janez Jansa Elected into Parliament with Highest Number of Votes

The leader of the largest opposition party Mr. Janez Jansa who is currently serving prison term as Europe's only political prisoner was elected into parliament with highest number of votes (6.023) in any individual voting district in the country.

Monday, July 14, 2014

SLOVENIA PROTESTS 2014: The Protests Continue

Pro- western protesters in Slovenia continue demanding that the socialist regime releases political prisoners.

SLOVENIA PROTESTS 2014: Ecstatic Public Sector Unions Leader

Leader of the Public Sector Unions of Slovenia Mr. Branimir Strukelj is estatic after his political party The United Left entered the parliament as the 4th largest party.

In socialist Slovenia unions engage in politics every day via a mechanism called The Social Partnership which requires that the government discuss all major legislative changes with unions. In recent years Public Sector Unions were able to block major pension, public sector and fiscal reforms gradually reducing Slovenia GDP per capita from 91% of EU average to 82% of EU average.

As of this Sunday and with the Syriza inspired United Left in the parliament Public Sector Unions are now in a position to seriously delay if not prevent any reform or privatization in the country.

SLOVENIA PROTESTS 2014: Obstruction of Parliament Announced

Due to socialist oppression, jailing of the leader of largest opposition party and complete media blockade; all but five Slovenian centre and right- wing members of parliament announced obstruction of parliament yesterday.

It seems Slovenia is on the brink of turning into a European Venezuela as socialist parties get a grip of constitutional majority. The privatization process is now stopped. The socialists control state owned enterprises and media; and the persecution of their political opponents continues.

The protests of pro- western and pro- democratic opposition continue today at 5pm in the capital.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

SLOVENIA PROTESTS 2014: The United Left: "First We Must Stop Privatization."

Luka Mesec, the leader of The United Left - one of victors of Slovenian parliamentary elections - today said that the first action of their government shall be stopping all privatization efforts.

Mr. Mesec's party called The Initiative for Democratic Socialism, similar to Mr. Cerar's party, did not exist few months ago. For the elections it  merged with several other marxists and socialist parties forming the Syriza inspired United Left, known for its  social populism and marxist class struggle.

SLOVENIA PROTESTS 2014: Socialists Gain Constitutional Majority

Socialist parties gained constitutional majority in Slovenia parliamentary elections today. Elections were labeled un- fair, un- free and hence not legitimate by the largest opposition party SDS, member of the European Peoples Party.

Socialist candidate Mr Miro Cerar won because his opponent was put in jail three weeks before the general elections.

The winner Mr. Miro Cerar whose party did not exist three months ago won against the opponent Mr. Janez Jansa, a political prisoner. Mr. Jansa asked for permission to temporary leave his prison cell to vote but the request was rejected by the authorities claiming that elections are not a sufficient reason to approve it.

Elections were held under total media blockade imposed by two dominant TV stations: the government RTV SLO and the Pop TV.

SLOVENIA PROTESTS 2014: 10.000 People Attend Protest on Jul 10th 2014

10.000 People attended Thursdays protest in the centre of the capital Ljubljana demanding release of political prisoners and free and democratic elections.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

SLOVENIA PROTESTS 2014: Reminder on today's mass protests

Join the Committee for the protection of human rights and fundamental liberties "Odbor 2014", former prime minister of Slovakia, former president of Georgia, vice president of EPP and other guests at the protest to release of political prisoners and for free and democratic elections in Slovenia.

Today at 17:30 at the Congress Square (Slovene: Kongresni trg) in Ljubljana.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

SLOVENIA PROTESTS 2014: Statement by the International Democrat Union - Free and Fair Elections Unlikely After Opposition Leader Jailed

Source: IDU

"The prospects of free and fair parliamentary elections on 13 July in Slovenia appear dim after the leader of IDU Member Party SDS Janez Jansa was jailed last week for two years in what appears to be a politically motivated trial connected with allegedly taking a bribe from Finnish defence company Patria.

The evidence brought against former Prime Minister Jansa was particularly weak. The indictment claimed that Mr Janša had committed the offence on an “undetermined date”, at an “undetermined place” and through an “undetermined method of communication.” Harvard legal expert Klemen Jaklič commented that the vagueness of the indictment means a charge should never have been made, let alone formed the basis of a trial.

A parallel trial against Patria's employees accused of paying bribes to Slovenian officials took place in Finland. On January 30th 2014, the court rejected all charges.

The timing of the verdict adds weight to the claim that this is a politically motivated trial. The verdict came just 27 days before the European elections. The snap parliamentary poll was called on 1 June 2014. A pattern of coincidental legal actions against Mr Janša taking place at election times has been clearly established. The original accusations against were made just three weeks before the 2008 parliamentary elections, but the bill of indictment against Janez Janša was not filed until two years later - just before the local elections in 2010.

Slovenia is the only former communist EU member which has not implemented ‘lustration laws’ – aimed at removing those responsible for human rights abuses under communism from senior positions. The prosecutor Branka Zobec-Hrastar, who began and filed the indictment against Janez Janša, is the wife of a former agent of the secret police who in 1988 personally arrested Janez Janša during his opposition to communism.

In a statement issued yesterday the Slovenian Bishops Conference concerned at the “widespread fear of the return of the times of totalitarian social order and its legal system in which the defendant was found guilty … based on the political authorities decision.”

The IDU condemns selective justice as an affront to the rule of law. IDU Members are asked to use all means at their disposal to highlight this case and bring pressure to bear on the Slovenian authorities to enact and implement effective lustration laws.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

SLOVENIA PROTESTS 2014: A Call to Mass Protests This Thursday

It is time for you to
join Human Rights Board "Odbor 2014" and protest for release of political prisoners and free and democratic elections in Slovenia
this Thursday at 17:30 at the Congress Square (Slovene: Kongresni trg) in Ljubljana
with special guests:
Mikulas Druzinda, president of Wilfried Martens centre for European Studies and former prime minister of Slovakia who introduced liberal reforms incl flat tax,
Anca Bogau, vice president of European Peoples Party and
Mikheil Saakashvili, former president of Georgia.

SLOVENIA PROTESTS 2014: Prime Minister Bratusek Writes to Pope to Silence the Slovenian Catholic Church

After several statements by the Slovenian Catholic Church expressing doubts about the fairness of the Janez Jansa Trial; and questioning the legitimacy of the election results due to imprisonment of the leader of the opposition three weeks before the election - prime minister Alenka Bratusek wrote a public letter to Pope demanding him to silence the Slovenian Catholic Church.

In response another Bishop Mr. Peter Stumpf broke silence and expressed support for his colleague Bishop Andrej Glavan. In his text he emphasized the role of pope John Paul II. in the fall of the Soviet Union and the role of Bishop Šuštar in the efforts to recognize Slovenia as an independent state in 1991. He concluded by  advising prime minister Mrs. Bratusek to listen better.

SLOVENIA PROTESTS 2014: Protesters Break Media Blockade For a Day

On Monday protesters walked to the government TV and demanded talks.

The government TV executives and program manager (seen discussing with the protesters in the photo) assured the Human Right Board representatives that they will change their policy and start with non-biased reporting.

They continued with vicious propaganda in the evening news on the same day.